Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Let's Make Tape Squares

I (Lauren) never get tired of playing with my Eyelet Outlet Washi collection, I'm always excited to come up with new ideas. This birthday card has background made entirely of Chevron Tape strips, which is so fun and colorful that it only needed a few brads... (a Party Hat, a Birthday Sock Monkey and a Birthday Cake, to be precise) some EO Sequins to finish it off!

Here's how I made that quilt-like background; note that I switched to Pencil Tape for the second sample. I neatly applied strips of tape to plain white cardstock, cut them apart with my guillotine trimmer, then cut the lengths so they were all exactly the same size, in this case, about 3". I affixed them to another piece of plain cardstock, starting at the center and working outward, as you can see in the photos below. 

To answer the obvious question: Yes, you could apply strips of tape directly to your background and skip the step of backing them with cardstock; but I found it hard to get the cuts on the short ends absolutely straight, and also it was more challenging to line them up precisely.  


When all the strips were applied to the background, I trimmed up the ends and matted the whole panel on some red cardstock, added a Paper Flower stack and a Heart Brad and called it good to go!

Now I want to try this with ALL of my EO Tapes, including the wide ones, the skinny ones and the glitter ones!

loooooooves washi tape! 

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