Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fun with ATC's!

I don't know about you, but I (Lauren) make more greeting cards than anything else. And let's face it, they are by far the most practical paper-crafting project, aren't they? But sometimes I need to shake things up, and another format I really love is the Artist Trading Card. Like these:

The "official" size for ATC's is 2.5 x 3.5" which is exactly the size of a standard playing card... which is what I use as a base to build my designs. I covered my cards with patterned paper trimmed to size and then got to work on the FUN part: adding the little brad scenes and punny sayings! My first card features the new adorable and realistic Jungle Mix Brads, which miiiiiiiiiiight be my favorite item from the May 2018 Release.

My next card has nothing from the new release, but the Typewriter and Hand Brad sets are still faves of mine, and they inspired me to type all of the sentiments on one of my real vintage typewriters. Plus, it's hard to beat typewriters in love, don't you think? Because if you attach a pair of any brads and add a Heart Brad you've got instant cuteness off the charts, imo!

Our Summer Tree Brads are beautifully realistic deciduous trees in two different shapes (a bit like an ash and an oak tree, I'd say) and they go really well with the Pine Tree Brads from last year. I am secretly hoping that we'll see Autumn Tree Brads at some point, with beautifully colored foliage... just sayin'...

Finally, the Wooden Hanger BradsJeans and Tee Shirts and Dress Brads are also from the newest release and they work wonderfully in all sorts of ways, together or separate. The Jeans and Tee Shirts come with lighter and darker jeans, plus five colors of shirt in each packet; the dresses are a mix of four beautiful pastel shades, plus black.

I hope you'll be inspired to try the Artist Trading Card format with some of *YOUR* favorite Eyelet Outlet Brads! ♥

comes from a family that LOVES puns... can tell, can't you? ;)

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