Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Deck the Halls

It's Kim from Katydid Cards.  

It's time to deck the halls if you're into decorating for the holidays.  These days, this is an easier way for me to decorate...on a card!  While I'd like to say, "and there's no clean-up" the truth is I make quite the mess when I make cards.  I have all sorts of supplies and tools scattered everywhere and tend to work in only a square foot of open space.

This card showcases a number of Eyelet Outlet brads including the Holly, Wreath and Holiday Light.  Also used are the Hardwood and Gold Foil Washi Tape and Red Jewel Bling Strips. The tree's topper is the Glitter Enamel Star.

I cut the stair steps from a Stampin' Up die.  I cut it a second time after placing the Hardwood Washi Tape to it and cut the base from the posts.   I topped the stairs with the Holly and added the Wreath which I further adorned with smaller Jewel Bling.  Here's another picture of the card, slightly opened.

And here is the card, fully opened.  An accent table, also covered in Hardwood Washi Tape hosts an arrangement of Poinsettia brads.

So this card is all about the inside of the house.  Did you happen to catch my Rooftop cards? If not, you can take a peek here.

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