Saturday, March 23, 2019

My Remodeled Home

Last Saturday's card here on the blog was a "house" that I made. The wreath on the door was made with Eyelet Outlet products - Washi Tape and Brads. When the owner of Eyelet Outlet saw my card, her comment was: I'm thinking the house could have been made with our brick Washi Tape.

Well. of. course. it. could. DUH! Why didn't I think of that???

From that brief conversation, I decided to take my original thought for a card and make it even better. I think I was successful, but you can be the judge of that after you see today's card. 

To see last week's card - the original - go HERE. You'll also see the tutorial on how I made the wreath on the door on that blog post.

Here's my remodeled home:

Suzanne was right! The brick wall looks fabulous!

I switched the door to a wooden door (Eyelet Outlet Washi Tape) instead of the panel door (card stock) on the original card. And for a more balanced look, I placed a flower pot and mailbox beside the door, along with one rabbit. 

Now, here's a test:

How many different Eyelet Outlet products did I use on this card?

More specifically, how many different Washi Tapes?

How many different types of Brads?

Eyelet Outlet Washi Tape - 6 of them:

Red (I doubled it and cut it to make the flower pot)
Skinny (I colored a strip of the yellow one with a brown Copic for the mailbox post)
Twig (to wrap the wreath)

Eyelet Outlet Brads - 6 of them:

Round Black with Silver 

I hope you like the remodeling job. I welcome any comments for additional suggestions to make my house even better - as long as your ideas include Eyelet Outlet products. For a full selection of products to choose from be sure to head to the Eyelet Outlet store.

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