Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Country Life

Hi! It's Kim from Katydid Cards with you today!

The Dog, Truck and Boot Brads from Eyelet Outlet combine perfectly to make this country themed flip card any cowboy (or girl) would love.  The three boxes are a perfect size to showcase the brads.

The digital bandana and black and white plaid combine well to accentuate the brads and the Rope Washi Tape down the side provides just the right accent.  This Washi actually has three widths of rope, I trimmed the largest to use here.

The patterns are further enhanced by embossing with a paisley pattern on the left and a check pattern on the right.

When you flip the card, you see how the three brads combine to convey the joy of livin' the country life.  I'd be pretty happy with this combination myself...though I'd prefer a little coupe to a truck and a pair of Wellies to cowboy boots...guess I'm an urban cowgirl at heart.

I've used the Pick-Up brad previously on this card and had fun with the Dog brads here.

 Kim from Katydid Cards
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!

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