Thursday, August 25, 2022

GEAR UP for a Great School Year!

I like to make shaker cards and I like to made shaped cards, so how about a shaped shaker card? I created this for my granddaughter to wish her a great school year, but this card could easily be adapted to a birthday card, too, with a little switch to the sentiment.

I filled the shaker with Eyelet Outlet gear brads (prongs removed for this application so they would shake) and some Eyelet Outlet heart sequins.

I also added some of the Eyelet Outlet eye brads and I think they are absolutely EYE POPPING!

Here's the inside of the my shaped shaker card.

I created this in Cricut Design Space and if you're a Cricut user as well, and would like to make it,  follow the links in the post to find the Eyelet Outlet embellishments used and follow this link to my Cricut Profile where you'll find the file.

Susan Creech
loves to craft

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