Thursday, April 21, 2022

Mom's Are Like Buttons

 Quite often, as I browse through images in the Cricut image library, I will spot a design that will inspire me to reach for my Eyelet Outlet brad box and this Mother's Day card is a perfect example.  

With a little substituted the buttons, thread, and heart on the original image with actual buttons and hearts and thread brads from Eyelet Outlet.  

I had fun with actual thread on in this card, too!  I tucked a piece of white thread through the hole that I had punched to anchor my brad.  I secured the thread on the reverse with a piece of tape. I cut the needle with my Cricut out of foil vinyl.  I lifted it from the transfer sheet with tweezers and slipped the other end of the thread through the eye of the needle and then attached it to my card.  

I love adding Eyelet Outlet brads to my projects because they offer so much interest and dimension!

Happy crafting, Eyelet Outlet fans!

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