Wednesday, February 22, 2023


 Do you know how many styles there are of Eyelet Outlet Pearl and Jewel Brads? Ok, as a matter of fact, I (Lauren) don't know either, but it's A LOT! They range from quite small (5.5mm) to extra large (16mm) though the biggest one shown here is the 10mm Soft Pink Pearl Brad attaching a few Paper Flowers on the medium sized egg. Meanwhile, many styles are available in both silver and gold bezels; there are smooth and bumpy styles; some have fancy edges... and by the time you factor in all of the different colors, there are literally hundreds of variations! But the most important thing for you to know about EO Pearl and Jewel Brads is that they are ALL on sale for just .75c a pack!!! The second most important thing for you to know is that they are all beautiful and useful. In this case, I've decorated Easter eggs with them:

As you can see, we also have quite a few styles of Sticky-Back Bling, as well. On this card and tag we see individual Pearls (there are Jewels as well), Bling and Pearl Strips, and several styles of Fancy Long Bling, and I've hardly scratched the surface of what is listed under "Bling and Sequins" in the EO Store. By the way, there are also FOUR styles of Eyelet Outlet Washi on this card: Bunny Tape, Chevron, Rainbow Dot Washi and my current fave: a wide, rainbow blossom-bedecked style called Flower Petal Tape, from which I have cut out individual flowers and added them with Pearl Brads to the largest egg. Of course they work for lots of other occasions besides Easter, so you should probably head over to the Eyelet Outlet Shop and browse around for a bit!

is already dreaming up more ways to use classic Pearl and Jewel Brads!
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