Saturday, May 28, 2016

Best Fishes to the Grads and Dads!

Hi guys, it's Lauren again, with a question for all you cardmakers: Is it just me, or are "guy cards" harder to make than more feminine designs? For some reason, I just don't seem to get as many lightbulb moments in terms of masculine papercrafting themes, so I'm always extra excited to find products that do half the work for me, like these completely awesome Eyelet Outlet Fish Brads!

I mean, seriously, cardmaking doesn't get much simpler than this, does it? I just watercolored a bit of ocean, stocked it with Fish Brads, and stamped a sentiment. Easy peasy!

Not everyone loves to paint (and if you aren't into it, don't worry... I'm probably obsessed enough for both of us!) in which case, another great way to construct a water scene is to just tear and layer a few paper scraps. If you hold the paper right side up and tear *towards* yourself, you can even get a bit of the white core to show, like the froth on top of waves! Then all you need are some more fish. In this case, we're casting our line in hopes of Trout and Bass Brads, but there are plenty of other critters in the "Ocean" section of the Eyelet Outlet store.

Once again, I didn't need much else to finish off, so again I've stamped a sentiment-- I love "Best Fishes" for Father's Day, but it works for birthdays and other occasions, too. A little bit of machine stitching always adds texture and interest, and guarantees that all my layers are firmly attached!

Need more ideas for grads, dads and other lads? Why not check out the "Boy" and "Sports" sections at Eyelet Outlet?

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