Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Colorful ATCs

I (Lauren) love making Artist Trading Cards with my Eyelet Outlet Brads, so this seemed like a good time to make some featuring the newest Spring 2021 Releases: FelinesKennel MixColored DaisiesTropical Birds and Reptiles.

"Feline Groovy" features the Feline Brads, obviously, as well as some colorful wide Geometric Tape.

"Bloomin' Awesome" has only one of the three shades of Colored Daisy, but it's colorful enough to keep our attention. I've added some Flower Tapeas well as two older styles of Skinny Tape.

"Doggone It" pairs the doghouse from Kennel Mix with a Long Dog (who's on sale!) and an accent of two plaid washi tape styles as well as some Skinny Heart Tape.

"Squawkward" stars a one of three very handsome parrots from the Tropical Birds Set, as well as boldly spotted Dot Washi Tape and Skinny Tape.

"Birds of a Feather" features a pair of adorable toucans from the Tropical Birds, because TWO toucans are even better than one! I love how they look against thet bold black and white Floral Tape (which is out of stock, alas but This One is quite similar).

And finally, "One in Chameleon" has the eponymous half of our Reptile Brads against some Foil Tape.

There's inspiration all week long on the Eyelet Outlet Blog, stop back often and see!

loves making ATCs!

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