Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun

Eyelet Outlet Seagull Brads, that is. And in this case, they're having their fun on two three-inch-square Inkbox Cards I (Lauren) made especially to hold them. I love that the Seagull Brads have two poses, so I decided they should each be the star of one card. And since I was dying to use my new softly metallic Ocean Tape, I'd pair it with Script Washi and some Glitter Skinny Tape to make a foreground for both.

The first card features the distance flying seagull up in the "sky" of the card and down on the washi tape beach I've clustered a Shell Corner Brad, as well as both the starfish and sand dollar from the Sea Shore Brad set.

The standing up seagull is the star of the second card, and he's standing next to a cluster of all three Shell Brads. I felt like it needed one more thing for balance, and you'd be surprised how often our Sun and Cloud Brads fit the bill on that score; which is why they are consistently on my "most used brads" list; along with Hearts and Snowflakes

star sign is Cancer, which explains 
her love of all things beachy

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