Wednesday, June 14, 2023

It's a Soda, Pop!

What could be more appropriate for Father's Day than an absolutely diabolical "Dad Joke"?! Especially one created specifically to show off our brand new, super-fun Eyelet Outlet Cooler and Soda Brads! The first part of the sentiment is computer generated (this free font is called Modern Typewriter) and the second part is diecut, then adorned with brads. A mat of Multicolored Dot Tape and some white Round Sequins emphasize the bubbly aspect of carbonation, and finish off the design.

Have you seen the rest of the new 2023 Eyelet Outlet Brads? The Lemonade & Fruit Set and Driving Brads have also joined our Rose, Cactus and Cruise Brads from earlier this year and all of those (plus LOTS more) are available in the EO Online Store.

can literally NEVER resist a diabolical pun!

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