Monday, May 2, 2016

April Showers Bring...

...MAY FLOWERS! This year, despite a fairly mild winter here in the northeastern United States, I (Lauren) am especially excited about Spring, so when Eyelet Outlet teamed up with Rubbernecker Stamps, I may have gone a little flower crazy, lol! If I had to pick ONE favorite stamp, this divine Poppy might well be it; there's just no bad way to use it. For this card I've teamed it with a few of the flowers from the Springtime Inchies set, which I stamped over little circles of ink applied with a sponge applicator, so they'd resemble the beautiful loose style of the poppy. I added a few Grey Jewels, some Pearl Heart Brads, old school Round Eyelets (which, for the record, I still love!) and Purple Enamel Dots. I matted the whole panel over a square of cardstock edged with Glitter Black Washi Tape, added the "Basket of Flowers" sentiment, and called it a day!

I can never, ever, resist a flourish, especially a flowery one, so I couldn't wait to get my hands this gorgeous Vine Flowers stamp. When I first saw it, I knew I wanted to use it to frame a band of Pink Flower Washi Tape and this is one of those occasions where the card I made looks exactly the picture in my head! (Don't you love that?!) I added a Paper Flower stack with a Clear Edge Purple Jewel and some Purple Swirl Bling, and as soon as I was finished, a flock of Mini Butterfly Brads and the Mama Butterfly came to visit!

The Springtime Inchies set also includes some beautiful birds, butterflies, and hearts... and it occurred to me that the latter, if stamped above the Vine Flowers, might look like they were growing in a field of flowers. I used some Paper Flower petals-- painted with green watercolor-- as leaves, and this family of Mini Ladybug Brads liked them enough to make their home here!

I hope you'll be inspired to plant a garden on your cards, as well as outdoors, this Spring! ♥

Hi, I'm Lauren, and you'll have guessed that I love flowers, sparkly things, 
and bright colors. I'm also very fond of blog visitors, so I hope you'll come and see me 
in my little corner of t'internet, "All the Good Blog Names Were Taken"


  1. Lauren Bergold rocks! I have been following her blog since June 2007. She remains my all-time favorite bloggers, and I follow nearly 300 blogs (I have to keep fiddling it down, but it is difficult; there is so much talent in bogland!)

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  4. Lauren, love your art on your cards! I am particularly fond of your Springtime inches / eyelet outlet card!