Thursday, May 10, 2018

It Happens

This past week a very unfortunate thing happened to me.  While out shopping, I visited the ladies room.  Just as I flushed the commode, my brand new prescription sunglasses slipped off the neck of my shirt where I had hung them and into the water! Immediately they vanished out of sight!

My first thought was how glad it wasn't my new iPhone I've had for a week!  Several friends have shared their own experiences with me about loosing gloves, glasses and phones, so clearly, IT HAPPENS!  Today's creation is for all of you who've have had a similar experience!  Eyelet Outlet has you covered with Phone Brads, Sunglasses BradsMitten Brads, and even Purse Brads!  Don't forget the Sad Face Brads!  The toilet on my card comes from Cricut's Chore Chart cartridge. 

Thanks for stopping in today and be careful out there ladies!!  

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