Sunday, October 9, 2022

My Punny Little Tags - Final 3

Hi Ai Fans! Today I'm showing off my last three punny tags. I created a series of six. Check out the post from last week to see the first six HERE.

 The puns were taken from the Think & Grin section of the October 2022 Scout Life magazine. They're silly and remind me of the days when the two most funny words to my son were, "Dirty Underwear!" The mere mention of underwear alone would send he and his friends into hysterical giggles. Those were the days! All the puns were submitted by Cub and Boy Scouts across the country. As I read the puns in the magazine, my mind automatically went to thinking about what brads would go with the jokes.
These tags are a result. 

In this one I've use the Baking Brads and Feline BradsGold Glitter Enamel Dots are also used.

In the next tag, I've used the Mail Brads and Blue Glitter Enamel Dots.

And in my final tag, I've used the Trout & Bass Brads and the Fishing Pole Brads as well as Purpll Glitter Enamel DotsRed Glitter Enamel Dots.

Thanks for stopping by today. Please visit the store for all your brads, washi tape, bling and paper flowers! Stop by next Sunday to see three more tags. It'll be a punny good time!

Happy Creating Everyone!

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